Providing WordPress Support for Autodata Cyber Security

I Provide Dedicated WordPress Support and Maintenance for Autodata I.T Service Provider

Established in 1986 Autodata has over 30 years of experience providing the UK and global enterprises with the best I.T products and services.

I first hooked up with Sam and her marketing team in 2019. When I was approached to support them with their WordPress site, which was running a custom theme. In addition to this, Autodata required some bespoke customisations, as well as new features implemented and maintenance updating old plugins and depreciated code.

I collaborated with Autodata on various projects to develop new accessibility features, responsive navigation menus and improved user experience, and have continued to provide on-going WordPress support for Autodata, for the last few years.

The existing Autodata website was already powered by WordPress. They had a custom theme that had become outdated and depreciated functions meant some parts of the theme no longer worked as expected.

I performed a technical audit of the WordPress theme which allowed us to identify the problems and fix them so that Autodata could continue using the website without the need for a full rebuild.

Mobile navigation menu

One of the problems with the existing theme was the lack of support for accessible navigation between parent and child service pages. The existing theme had been designed around a 1-2 level hierarchy structure and this now needed to be expanded to support level 3 content within the site navigation dropdown.

I created a bespoke navigation menu for mobile devices that allows users to navigate all service levels and easily return to the first level using back buttons and arrows within the menu interface.

The new responsive navigation menu is completely dynamic and works with WP Menu drag/drop functionality within the CMS. The Autodata team can easily add new pages and re-order, giving them full control over the website menu and content

WordPress Support

The Autodata team were already experienced with WordPress and using the CMS for day-to-day activities such as updating pages and blog content. As a WordPress expert, I provide additional training and support Autodata with technical fixes and ongoing maintenance.

Do you need help with WordPress?

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